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Ensure the successful completion of your next project by calling on Les Kroenert & Associates, the specialists for structural and civil engineering in Melbourne. Using the latest computer design software and their years of expertise, our engineers can assess the project from every angle, making sure no corners are cut and no surprises come up along the way. You can be sure of solid structural and civil engineering solutions for your next project, so call us today in Melbourne to get started.
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Structural engineers

Our structural engineers will determine how to achieve your desired appearance, once initial design work is complete. We will determine the load-supporting requirements and can use building components (beams, columns, slabs, retaining walls) designed at our workshop.
Our geotechnical engineers will determine the load-bearing capacity and reactivity of the foundation materials to gale force winds and other factors. Using appropriate regulations from the Standards Association of Australia and many mathematical formulae, we can ensure the minimised movement of your house. Walls are checked to ensure they provide the necessary bracing and strength to support the roof or upper walls and floors. Columns are used to support the much heavier loads under beams. The main components of the structure are bolted to their supports to resist any sliding or overturning movement.
We can design and provide structural drawings and plan views to your designated builder to ensure they are aware of the construction requirements. Once the building permit has been issued and construction has begun, we can revise our computations accordingly if your builder chooses to use different materials. 
Should any problems occur onsite due to changed plans or construction errors, our engineers can inspect the structure and make any necessary recommendations. We are proud to share our expertise in both structural and civil engineering with you. Our engineers enjoy the satisfaction of knowing they helped someone's dream come to life.

Civil engineers

Our civil engineers are involved in two aspects of design.
Firstly, we design roads.

As specialists for structural and civil engineering throughout Melbourne, we can determine the grades of the road, the length of the vertical curves and the radius of the horizontal curves.
Secondly, we design drains.

A key aspect of the building development process, we use established rainfall records of the general area to determine the appropriate design for your drain. Drainage systems for unit developments are generally required by councils to be designed for storms that can occur once every five years on average.
Using various mathematical formulae we can calculate the volume of water that is discharged from the area and determine the diameter and slope of the required drain.
To reduce the risk of flooding, some councils require that the unit development has a detention storm water system. Using the appropriate mathematical formulae and analysis techniques, we can determine the storage volume required and the size of the discharge pipe. We will then design the grade of the driveways and location of the grate-pits and ensure all rainwater discharging from the site is collected into the detention system.

We us the latest computer design software and years of expertise

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